In search of an old 3 tiered AV cart that can hold a television on the top shelf- the type that would be used in an elementary school in the 80's. 44" tall would be ideal.
Looking for heavy sand-like materials (preferably the litterbox sand that your cat rejected ;P). Sand of any type, very small pebbles etc. are welcomed. I want to recycle things for a crafty project. I live on 2nd/92nd but willing to pick up in all UES. Cheers!
I need a folding hand truck and bungee cords. Thanks in advance. I will pick up. Have a wonderful day!
Looking for a microwave oven in good condition .
Looking for 1 ski shock for a 1973 SR 292/433/643. They are about 10" long eye to eye, see picture. Can need chrome. Also looking for an exhaust pipe bracket for a 73 292 and an original rubber/steel steering bushing that goes in the chassis. Also looking for: mag side 72 SR 643 R cylinder, can need chrome any 71-73 SR aluminum skis SR 643 mag housing 1972 SR 433 seat or pieces to a seat, foam ...
Need a cord for an old Sony PC Laptop.
I only have 5 working computer tablets for Special Needs students in the Bronx and when I go into the class, there aren't enough for all the students. Please help. They can be used Tablets, as long as they work. Thank you.
I am looking for an older record player that can be hooked up to a stereo system so that i can play my records
Looking new pr used laptop for my writing
We re gifted a rabbit. In need of a cage, bedding & hay.
Anyone have queen size flannel sheets or flannel blankets or flannel duvet cover
Perhaps you have one that you just won't use again? If not a Technics, then at least something for the time being, as what I had gave up the ghost. :( Hopefully one with the cartridge and stylus still present? Unless you also have those separately? Thanks in advance!
Hello I'm seeking good condition Fall/Winter maternity clothing size Large and up. Coat, pants anything will be helpful.
Looking for a tall oscillating tower fan for my room.
Dear Freecycle community, I am looking for a cell phone to replace my iphone 5 which is not longer functional. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you very much! Ome
My computer battery doesn't work anymore. If you have parts to a macbook pro, or battery for a macbookpro - greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.
Looking for couches, beds, tables, chairs, etc for a school theater department. Also any halloween decorations as they will be doing the Addams Family.
In search of a sewing/quilting machine for donations project
used or new. Any thermostat for home. My thermostat does not work. A used one you are discarding when you are upgrading would be a big help.
Hi All, I'm looking for a wall air conditioner if anyone has one over 5K BTU it would be greatly appreciated. I need it due to my respiratory issue.
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